Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hello our wonderful mortals! 

We apologize for the severe lack of communication to you all. The Parlament and the Occults have been celebrating the holidays and as such, we forgot to keep you all up to date. 

Our dear friend Shayne is super busy with a lot of projects underway but we can tell you all that they are all worth it. A few to name is that she will be going on the 'Rock it like a Red Head' Tour, continuing on the epic book series of our world 'Of Light and Darkness', her amazing music, and we have just received word by one of Shayne's sources that there is a possibility of having a major motion picture (or tv series) for 'Of Light and Darkness'. 

While no official word is set in stone, Shayne is working super hard to make that dream come true. Once Shayne has received word, we are more than sure that she would send word to us so we can tell you, her amazing followers. For now, this is all we have and hope to hear from Shayne soon! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent News from the Occult

Hello Mortals. This is Francis taking over this blog post for the time being. Since the Occult is not available at this time I am taking over to make sure news from the Occult and the Parlament are coming to you. So, shall we begin? 

Much much much news is to be announced today. First, Ms. Leighton has just announced the novella of one of my new acquaintance Mr. Trinozka. The book is about his life and how he has lived in the Occult that my dear friends Valek and Charlotte lived in. The title has not yet been announced but once I find the wonderful detail I will make it known to you all. 

Second, If you are into any form of music, such as myself, Ms. Leighton is going to be going on tour called Rock It Like A Read Head. This is the connection to such information. Only five cities have been selected and I hope you can join Ms. Leighton and enjoy the concert. 

Third, after a long wait for those who do not posses a reading device that is electronic, you can purchase the 3rd estaminet of the 'Vampire's Hourglass'. The date to purchase the book is on November 24th. I can say that Ms. Leighton has truly out done herself and I love how she has portrayed myself while I am living in the Parlament. 

I must warn you though, there are many dark creatures that seek to kill Charlotte and Valek in this new journey of theirs and I can tell that the next book is going to have more twists and turns for my dear friends and I worry for them and who knows what might happen. 

The letter I had from a old friend once and what was written in it still to this day makes me very nervous and I wonder in deep thought of what is to come for them and if they are safe. Aiden is nearby, I can feel it. His presence makes me uneasy and I wonder if someone from the Parlament is betraying me and my kin. 

I hope that you enjoy the new excitement and hope that this finds you safe and sound. enjoy my dear mortals and I will gather more information soon. 


P.S. Here is a clip from Ms. Leighton's book release party by great generosity of a Miss. Jada Polatis. She was the one who took the picture and was so kind enough to send it to me in the Parlament. Thankfully she has granted access to the Parlament to get the information to me. Thank you Miss. Polatis. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Motral's View on the 3rd Book

Dear mortals, we have received a letter from a mortal woman who was given the highest honor of reading Shayne's 3rd book 'Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Hourglass'. Here is what this mortal has to say on the book. 

"I have been following Shayne Leighton's journeys in her amazing books for quite some time now. Just recently I was given the highest opportunity to read her third book so that others may see what to expect when they purchase it on October, 28, 2014. 

Last time in the Vampire's Reflection we were left with Valek making a very tough and difficult decision for Charlotte. Charlotte near death said some very harsh words to the ones she cares about and in this third installment she is regretting on ever saying those harsh words. The vampires who has sought to harm Charlotte behind Valek's back are a walking target for the next person(s) to be in a heep of trouble. 

Sarah, Mr. Trinozka, and Edwin are trying to find a certain object for Baba Yaga in exchange for getting rid of the curse that is killing Charlotte on the inside. It is only a matter of time before time runs out. 

Valek, is now in the control of the Parlament. He is placed with a ton of responsibility that could either be a blessing or a curse on him latter on. Why are the Elders wanting Charlotte to come to Abelim? What is it about Charlotte that everyone wants her either dead or alive? 

Nikolai a normal human being, or so we think, is given a huge blow to the head when he discovered who he truly is in 'Vampire's Reflection'. Will he accept or deny his true fate? Will he be there for Charlotte and Valek or betray them? Also, is there a new form of friendship going on with him and Charlotte while Valek is away? Is Charlotte going to fall for him or stay with Valek? 

But the biggest person that everyone should learn to have a thorn in their side is; Aiden. What the heck happened to him when he attacked Charlotte? Did he live or die? Is he going to go after Charlotte while she is so vulnerable and no Valek there to protect her? What are his full plans on trying to regain the Regime since it has been left to rot to the ground after his demise in 'Vampire's Daughter'? 

All in all this book is the most intense one I have read so far and with the up-coming books all I can see in the futre of the main characters is one word: revenge. This is such an amazing book and I encourage you all to read this when it comes out on October 28th! This is very well detailed and the story is getting more and more intense! 5 of 5 stars!"

We of the Occult are THRILLED to have such an amazing review from this reader! We hope that many more of you can send your reviews to Shayne so she can send them to us! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

We are sad to post this for all you mortals. At this moment our dear friends Frank and Shayne are no longer with us here in our world. They had to return to their world to live on in their lives. Our Occult is already missing them but know that they will come back soon. On a more upbeat, we have discovered that Shayne has FINALLY released the date for the 3rd book of our world and the lives of Valek and Charlotte. 

For those who have not read about our world then we strongly encourage you to not read on. 

Last time we followed Valek and Charlotte we saw that they were trying to figure out what why Charlotte was always having these "cravings" to make Valek bite her to make them go away for a short time. But alas they kept coming back even more stronger than before.

The little band of misfits who had returned from the Regime with Charlotte and Valek are beginning to have second thoughts of their new found life. Will they continue to stay with Valek and Charlotte in peace or turn against them?

Nikkoli is a new being to enter into our world and has powers that he cannot understand let alone comprehend them. How did he come to have them when he, his father and grandfather have had them and yet could not understand them as well? Will he gain the answers he desires and how will he find out the truth of who he really is?

What happened to Aiden after he was attacked? Is he alive or dead? If he is, will he seek revenge on Valek and Charlotte? For us who have seen what vengeance can do to someone it never ends well for them; only misery.

But the biggest question of all; How far is Valek going to go to save Charlotte from these cravings and will his decision be a wise one or not. His loyalty is going to be placed in a very tight spot and those of us who have read his decision still are blown away. This choice will change not only his life, but the love of his life as well; Charlotte.

Now our dear mortal friends, the choice is now yours; are you up to see what is in store for our friends or turn against us and side with the Regime and turn us in. The choice is yours but be warned that if you do turn against us, the results may be deadly for us sine we are doing this in secret for you to enjoy our realm.

Good luck and we hope that you chose to continue to follow us and read more on the many adventures that are yet to come. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Returned to Update the Mortals

Welcome back our dear mortal friends! We apologize for our lack of communication these past few weeks. The Regime has been passing our part of the woods and we had to hide any information that would show them we were breaking The Code. Now that they have felt our area it is safe for now. Shayne and Frank are living it up here in the many magical areas the Czech Republic has to offer them! Charlotte and Valek are enjoying every minute they can to come see them but it is unsure how much time they get to be with these two mortals since we were being searched from the Regime. We dare not make contact with them quite yet since it is still unsafe for them to be out and about. Below are some pictures of Frank and Shayne enjoying the wonders of the amazing Czech Republic! We will return very soon to add more information to share with all of you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A Short View of Our World

We have received a mortal's video clip from last year on what Charlotte and Valek's life is like in our world. If you wish to watch it, you might fall into our spellbinding world even more!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mortals in Our World

Welcome back mortals of the human race! As we discussed in our last publishing, the mortal Shayne Leighton is in Prague  Czech Republic as we speek this very moment. As we can tell she is with her loving mortal in-laws who live in our beautiful country. New adventures are building up for her as we soon grant her and her husband Franktisek Mach back into our world once more. 

Valek and Charlotte are very excited to give them the new information they need in order to continue to write and publish the journey fo these two beings. For those who have already purchased the first and second book knew that Valek made very dangerous but yet sacrificial decisions for his little "Lottie" (or Charlotte that we normally call her by).  We know many of you who are dear acquaintances with Shayne Leighton know that Prague  had left her with so many wonders that she came back to see our world once more. 

She will be in Prague for at least three months (from what the witches have informed us) to gather more of the wonders, stories of our lives, and to visit family that she and Franktisek love so much. No wonder our realm has come to love these two just as much as we adore Valek and Charlotte. The witches have gathered some pictures to show you mortals what they are up too. We hope to receive word from Shayne and Franktisek very soon so we can show you all what they wish to say to all of you. Keep close to your magical devices that many of you call "computers" or "cell phones" so you can join us on a thrilling adventure! 

One of the many views we have to offer here in Prague! You are very proud of the natural beauty here!  

We keep a close eye on them so that the powerful Regime won't take them away into questioning on Valek and Charlotte's whereabouts.  

One of the many castles we have to offer. Some of us want these two to stay and live in our world but we might get turned in for breaking The Magic Code. 

These are called Czesky angrest. Once you have had one taste, you are spellbound to have more and more!

Shayne Leighton and her husband Frantisek Mach on a hill close by the mortal village. 

Relaxing after a spellbinding adventure with Valek and Charlotte. They of course couldn't come to the mortal world since they are already in a lot of trouble as it is. 

Walking around Valek's past life before he became a creature of darkness. This is where he would soon find Charlotte and adopt her. Fate works in mysterious ways and it is hard to accept what fate can do to all of us. 

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to the World of Darkness

Welcome one and all to the world of darkness. As you follow us on this amazing journey, you will see many stories that await you to be discovered. Many of you might be asking yourselves, what is this blog all about? Rest assured my dear mortals, this is all about our dear friends; Valek and Charlotte Ruzikova. 

Valek is a creature of darkness and he has broken one of the highest rules that we as mythical creatures must NEVER break. Bringing mortals such as your selves into our world. He has been raising a mortal for quite some time and without the knowledge of the powerful Central European Magic Regime even knowing that there was a human in one of their Occult towns. 

The meare mortal is the child called Charlotte Ruzikova. She was abandoned as an infant and by fate (as some believe) was found by Valek. Being a creature of darkness, Valek adopted her and was soon given the name in our occult town; Charlotte the Vampires foundling daughter. Though we are supposed to turn any traitor to the Regime, we never saw any danger in Charlotte since the day she was brought home by Valek. 

If you wish to see more about these two unlikely beings, we encourage you to purchase a copy titled "Of Light and Darkness The Vampire's Daughter" written by Shayne Leighton to see where their journeys will take them. Many have already fallen into their spellbinding journey and more are soon to follow them.  

Buy the book in your local tavern if you dare to join us and become a creature of mythical powers yourself! 

We have made this so called "Mortal blogging" as a entry way to our world and you might hear news from the only other human who has been granted access to write Valek and Charlotte's journey; Shayne Leighton. We wish you the best of luck and hope your journey into Prague  Czech Republic will be a spell binding one too!