Thursday, May 28, 2015

News from Francis

Well Hello Dear mortal friends! 

I, Francis have finally found the source that has been giving me such wonderful and amazing news about our dear author Shayne Leighton! Her name is Jada. She told me that since I now know who she is I agreed to not give out her last name.

The picture below was taken in 2013 when Shayne and Frank were blessed to go see Miss. Jada while she was working at Disney World on an Internship. She had been following Shayne for quite a while on the social media Facebook before Shayne had released the first book about our world.

I was able to get a letter from her and she was able to tell me what she had to say about our world and how Shayne did an amazing job.

Dear Francis, 

My name is Jada and I have been the one who has been sending you such information to the Parlament and making sure when the best times to do so since I am very aware that Aiden is one sneaky elf and wants to get his grimy little hands on such information as well. 

To answer your many questions you had sent to me let me ease your mind and I will tell you how Shayne Leighton and her husband Frank first met me. I am not sure if you know of the social media called Facebook that many mortals use these days to communicate around the world but that was where I had met Shayne and her husband Frank. They were in a film called 'The Incubus' and I fell in love with it. After purchasing the movie, I requested Shayne as a friend. Knowing that the chances where very slim she accepted me. 

Shortly afterwards she announced the book series 'Of Light and Darkness'. She told about the world which you live in and at first I was very hesitant about because I used to read the 'Twilight' series and I ended up disliking anything vampire related. But I decided to give that world one more shot and Shayne has never disappointed me since. I love that world you live in! I feel like I am there next to you and everyone else in your magical world. 

When I found out that I was to be going to Orlando, Florida, for an internship; I had to let Shayne know I was coming to live there for seven months. She was very excited and in August we were able to meet one another at a book festival that was right by Downtown Disney. I was blessed to stay the entire event with her and her mother at that time since Frank had to work while she was there. We got to know one another very well and I could tell that it was going to be such an amazing friendship! 

Before Shayne left I offered to her to come back with Frank to spend a day or two at Disney with me and I could take them to the parks they have never been too for a long time. Sure enough they came back the weekend before Christmas in 2013. It was December 21,2013, they came and we ended up spending half the day at Animal Kingdom and the other half at Disney's Hollywood Studios. 

I had such a wonderful time and while we were having fun I told them that if they ever came by my hometown to let me know. About two months ago, I received word that they were going to the 'Rock it like a Red Head Tour' in Seattle, Washington, and they wanted to come see me! More than thrilled I was able to arrange an entire week to spend with them when they come in August. If you wish I can send you pictures when they come to stay. 

I have been counting down the days and we are two months away and I am super excited to be seeing them again after two years! I hope this letter gets to you and that you and the parlament are well and safe for the time being. 

Yours truly, 

P.S. The object you hold, you might want to find a way to destroy it. I found out that Aiden is seeking for it. Just thought I'd warn you about that. 

So as you can see my dear mortal friends, this is the person who has been making sure very sensitive information has not fallen into the wrong hands and yes Miss. Jada I did receive your letter safe and I am working frantically on trying to get rid of that so Aiden does not have it. Thank you on that! So now come August We will be able to see what kind of fun Shayne and Frank had while spending time with Miss. Jada. 

Until next time my dear friends.