Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Life of an Author

Why hello my dear mortal friends! I have finally come back since my last post in July. 
Leaving from where I had left you all, I finally have obtained some pictures from 
the vacation that Shayne and Frank were having in the West coast of the United States. 

Below is just a few pictures that Miss. Jada was so kind as to give me and let me share them to all of you. This is what a life of an author can have when you need some form of inspiration while it comes not so often when you have a ton of projects that must be met by a dead line. I hope to obtain some form of communication from Miss. Jada soon to hear how it was as a reader of our world and to spend some time with Shayne and Frank for a week. So in the mean time my dear mortals, enjoy these pictures.


Hanging around to get towards Old Faithful.

Shayne with Miss. Jada

Eye-spy Shayne and Frank.

The Grand Teton view from Idaho's side.

They were bored on their way towards Seattle, Washington. 

The view from the motel Shayne & Frank stayed in. 

Having fun around the Seattle Space needle.

The beginning of the Rock It Like A Red Head.

Having a fudge sickle in Montana. Only there can you get these.

The man behind the camera. 

Up close to wildlife. 

More detail. Miss. Jada took this one.

Living in the wildlife. 

Getting the feel of Yellowstone National Park. 

The woman who brought our life to all of you! 

Finally made it to Old Faithful!

Waiting for the geyser to go off. 

Kissing the bear. 

Welcome to the west! Montana!!

True love between the vampire and the fondling daughter. 

Inside the mile long cave in Idaho. 

They left a piece of us there so that Miss. Jada could go back and find this mark in the cave again! 

Having fun in the mountains. 

That Klim jacket suits Frank very well. 

A better one of Frank. 

Eating some wild berries. 


Now in Wyoming. 

Oops! Shayne had to auto-correct the sign. 

Heading to Jackson Hole! 

A cute couple! 

Having fun at the Ansel Adams site! 

Miss. Jada and Shayne at the famous site Ansel Adams stood long ago. 

The love bugs. 

The Moulton Barn. Miss. Jada's late grandfather played around there as a child with his relatives who owned the barn before moving closer to town. Since then no one has owned that land and is now a historical site.

Checking pictures. 

Pictures at the Moulton barn

Goofing around!

Give the lion a high five

The famous antler arch in Jackson Hole.

Trying to have their own antlers! 

Too much candy.

Yipppi-I-O! Candy Store

Ridding up the ski lift to hike around Grand Targhee Ski Resort 

Following the leader

Having fun with Miss. Jada's family

The Grand Teton! 

Memories to last more than 5 lifetimes. 

Doing the thing they love to do! Hiking!

Living the moment. 

What true love look likes. 

Hanging around. 

Climbing over the Teton mountains. 

Their new furry little friend. 

They found edible mushrooms in Idaho! 

Taking pictures

Goofing off !

Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Some amazing pictures of Shayne's wardrobe she had in Seattle 

Cool bracelet. 

Love Never dies. 



Singer/Author/and Redhead 

With the famous pig at Pike Place Market.

Walking around Seattle after Shayne's performance. 

The water is the Pacific Coast. 

Finding the Seattle life in one short day in the Emerald City.  

This is one of the places Shayne performed at.

Hey! We went on the trip as well! Thank you Miss. Jada for tagging our story with you too! 

The fearless driver

At the King 5 station 

On set!

The Space needle

Shayne with the Space Needle.

The emerald city!

Seeing Seattle from a view

Flowers to get at Pike Place Market. 

Walking around

The Farris Wheel  

Shayne looking at the flowers

Fresh fish. Yuck! Not my particular kind of dish.  

Fresh market. 

The famous sign for Pike Place Market. 

Getting ready for the event

We are 'Invincible'.

Walking in before everyone else comes. 

The table Shayne had.
Pictures before the doors opens. 

Miss Jada at the event to help support Shayne and Frank. 

Shayne with the founders of Rock It Like A RedHead. 

Miss. Jada with the founders. 

Some items that everyone could get. 

Breath taking! 

The performers of the night!