Thursday, November 13, 2014

Recent News from the Occult

Hello Mortals. This is Francis taking over this blog post for the time being. Since the Occult is not available at this time I am taking over to make sure news from the Occult and the Parlament are coming to you. So, shall we begin? 

Much much much news is to be announced today. First, Ms. Leighton has just announced the novella of one of my new acquaintance Mr. Trinozka. The book is about his life and how he has lived in the Occult that my dear friends Valek and Charlotte lived in. The title has not yet been announced but once I find the wonderful detail I will make it known to you all. 

Second, If you are into any form of music, such as myself, Ms. Leighton is going to be going on tour called Rock It Like A Read Head. This is the connection to such information. Only five cities have been selected and I hope you can join Ms. Leighton and enjoy the concert. 

Third, after a long wait for those who do not posses a reading device that is electronic, you can purchase the 3rd estaminet of the 'Vampire's Hourglass'. The date to purchase the book is on November 24th. I can say that Ms. Leighton has truly out done herself and I love how she has portrayed myself while I am living in the Parlament. 

I must warn you though, there are many dark creatures that seek to kill Charlotte and Valek in this new journey of theirs and I can tell that the next book is going to have more twists and turns for my dear friends and I worry for them and who knows what might happen. 

The letter I had from a old friend once and what was written in it still to this day makes me very nervous and I wonder in deep thought of what is to come for them and if they are safe. Aiden is nearby, I can feel it. His presence makes me uneasy and I wonder if someone from the Parlament is betraying me and my kin. 

I hope that you enjoy the new excitement and hope that this finds you safe and sound. enjoy my dear mortals and I will gather more information soon. 


P.S. Here is a clip from Ms. Leighton's book release party by great generosity of a Miss. Jada Polatis. She was the one who took the picture and was so kind enough to send it to me in the Parlament. Thankfully she has granted access to the Parlament to get the information to me. Thank you Miss. Polatis.