Sunday, December 28, 2014


Hello our wonderful mortals! 

We apologize for the severe lack of communication to you all. The Parlament and the Occults have been celebrating the holidays and as such, we forgot to keep you all up to date. 

Our dear friend Shayne is super busy with a lot of projects underway but we can tell you all that they are all worth it. A few to name is that she will be going on the 'Rock it like a Red Head' Tour, continuing on the epic book series of our world 'Of Light and Darkness', her amazing music, and we have just received word by one of Shayne's sources that there is a possibility of having a major motion picture (or tv series) for 'Of Light and Darkness'. 

While no official word is set in stone, Shayne is working super hard to make that dream come true. Once Shayne has received word, we are more than sure that she would send word to us so we can tell you, her amazing followers. For now, this is all we have and hope to hear from Shayne soon!