Monday, July 13, 2015

Are You Ready?

My Dear Mortal friends, 

Please excuse the massive amounts of absence from yours truly! I have been conversing with the mortal Miss Jada on when I will be expecting the soon pictures and information that she will be requiring once Shayne and Frank come spend some time with her. As for now she has been saying that the wait to see her amazing friends again has become more exciting each day. 

She did tell me that in about three weeks, Shayne and Frank will be back in the States and will only have a day or so to get things ready to go see her then head to Seattle, Washington, USA to do a performance with Rock It Like A Read Head Tour. Miss Jada has been planning on quite some amazing things to do with them and her family while they are there. I envy her and hope she makes some amazing memories with them and no harm comes to them. 

Yes I mean you Adien and Parlament. 

I'm well aware of you spying on Miss Jada, but I can reassure you mortals that I will not let them get anywhere near them. It is my duty to make sure that the best magic will protect them so that you all can get some amazing results once I am granted access to them. 

We only have three weeks left my dear friends so in the mean time, please be patient and soon; very soon we will have a glimpse of what they did. 

Until then, take care and enjoy your mortal days.