Friday, August 1, 2014

Returned to Update the Mortals

Welcome back our dear mortal friends! We apologize for our lack of communication these past few weeks. The Regime has been passing our part of the woods and we had to hide any information that would show them we were breaking The Code. Now that they have felt our area it is safe for now. Shayne and Frank are living it up here in the many magical areas the Czech Republic has to offer them! Charlotte and Valek are enjoying every minute they can to come see them but it is unsure how much time they get to be with these two mortals since we were being searched from the Regime. We dare not make contact with them quite yet since it is still unsafe for them to be out and about. Below are some pictures of Frank and Shayne enjoying the wonders of the amazing Czech Republic! We will return very soon to add more information to share with all of you!