Saturday, July 5, 2014

Welcome to the World of Darkness

Welcome one and all to the world of darkness. As you follow us on this amazing journey, you will see many stories that await you to be discovered. Many of you might be asking yourselves, what is this blog all about? Rest assured my dear mortals, this is all about our dear friends; Valek and Charlotte Ruzikova. 

Valek is a creature of darkness and he has broken one of the highest rules that we as mythical creatures must NEVER break. Bringing mortals such as your selves into our world. He has been raising a mortal for quite some time and without the knowledge of the powerful Central European Magic Regime even knowing that there was a human in one of their Occult towns. 

The meare mortal is the child called Charlotte Ruzikova. She was abandoned as an infant and by fate (as some believe) was found by Valek. Being a creature of darkness, Valek adopted her and was soon given the name in our occult town; Charlotte the Vampires foundling daughter. Though we are supposed to turn any traitor to the Regime, we never saw any danger in Charlotte since the day she was brought home by Valek. 

If you wish to see more about these two unlikely beings, we encourage you to purchase a copy titled "Of Light and Darkness The Vampire's Daughter" written by Shayne Leighton to see where their journeys will take them. Many have already fallen into their spellbinding journey and more are soon to follow them.  

Buy the book in your local tavern if you dare to join us and become a creature of mythical powers yourself! 

We have made this so called "Mortal blogging" as a entry way to our world and you might hear news from the only other human who has been granted access to write Valek and Charlotte's journey; Shayne Leighton. We wish you the best of luck and hope your journey into Prague  Czech Republic will be a spell binding one too! 

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