Monday, July 7, 2014

Mortals in Our World

Welcome back mortals of the human race! As we discussed in our last publishing, the mortal Shayne Leighton is in Prague  Czech Republic as we speek this very moment. As we can tell she is with her loving mortal in-laws who live in our beautiful country. New adventures are building up for her as we soon grant her and her husband Franktisek Mach back into our world once more. 

Valek and Charlotte are very excited to give them the new information they need in order to continue to write and publish the journey fo these two beings. For those who have already purchased the first and second book knew that Valek made very dangerous but yet sacrificial decisions for his little "Lottie" (or Charlotte that we normally call her by).  We know many of you who are dear acquaintances with Shayne Leighton know that Prague  had left her with so many wonders that she came back to see our world once more. 

She will be in Prague for at least three months (from what the witches have informed us) to gather more of the wonders, stories of our lives, and to visit family that she and Franktisek love so much. No wonder our realm has come to love these two just as much as we adore Valek and Charlotte. The witches have gathered some pictures to show you mortals what they are up too. We hope to receive word from Shayne and Franktisek very soon so we can show you all what they wish to say to all of you. Keep close to your magical devices that many of you call "computers" or "cell phones" so you can join us on a thrilling adventure! 

One of the many views we have to offer here in Prague! You are very proud of the natural beauty here!  

We keep a close eye on them so that the powerful Regime won't take them away into questioning on Valek and Charlotte's whereabouts.  

One of the many castles we have to offer. Some of us want these two to stay and live in our world but we might get turned in for breaking The Magic Code. 

These are called Czesky angrest. Once you have had one taste, you are spellbound to have more and more!

Shayne Leighton and her husband Frantisek Mach on a hill close by the mortal village. 

Relaxing after a spellbinding adventure with Valek and Charlotte. They of course couldn't come to the mortal world since they are already in a lot of trouble as it is. 

Walking around Valek's past life before he became a creature of darkness. This is where he would soon find Charlotte and adopt her. Fate works in mysterious ways and it is hard to accept what fate can do to all of us. 

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