Sunday, October 5, 2014

We are sad to post this for all you mortals. At this moment our dear friends Frank and Shayne are no longer with us here in our world. They had to return to their world to live on in their lives. Our Occult is already missing them but know that they will come back soon. On a more upbeat, we have discovered that Shayne has FINALLY released the date for the 3rd book of our world and the lives of Valek and Charlotte. 

For those who have not read about our world then we strongly encourage you to not read on. 

Last time we followed Valek and Charlotte we saw that they were trying to figure out what why Charlotte was always having these "cravings" to make Valek bite her to make them go away for a short time. But alas they kept coming back even more stronger than before.

The little band of misfits who had returned from the Regime with Charlotte and Valek are beginning to have second thoughts of their new found life. Will they continue to stay with Valek and Charlotte in peace or turn against them?

Nikkoli is a new being to enter into our world and has powers that he cannot understand let alone comprehend them. How did he come to have them when he, his father and grandfather have had them and yet could not understand them as well? Will he gain the answers he desires and how will he find out the truth of who he really is?

What happened to Aiden after he was attacked? Is he alive or dead? If he is, will he seek revenge on Valek and Charlotte? For us who have seen what vengeance can do to someone it never ends well for them; only misery.

But the biggest question of all; How far is Valek going to go to save Charlotte from these cravings and will his decision be a wise one or not. His loyalty is going to be placed in a very tight spot and those of us who have read his decision still are blown away. This choice will change not only his life, but the love of his life as well; Charlotte.

Now our dear mortal friends, the choice is now yours; are you up to see what is in store for our friends or turn against us and side with the Regime and turn us in. The choice is yours but be warned that if you do turn against us, the results may be deadly for us sine we are doing this in secret for you to enjoy our realm.

Good luck and we hope that you chose to continue to follow us and read more on the many adventures that are yet to come. 

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