Sunday, October 19, 2014

Motral's View on the 3rd Book

Dear mortals, we have received a letter from a mortal woman who was given the highest honor of reading Shayne's 3rd book 'Of Light and Darkness: The Vampire's Hourglass'. Here is what this mortal has to say on the book. 

"I have been following Shayne Leighton's journeys in her amazing books for quite some time now. Just recently I was given the highest opportunity to read her third book so that others may see what to expect when they purchase it on October, 28, 2014. 

Last time in the Vampire's Reflection we were left with Valek making a very tough and difficult decision for Charlotte. Charlotte near death said some very harsh words to the ones she cares about and in this third installment she is regretting on ever saying those harsh words. The vampires who has sought to harm Charlotte behind Valek's back are a walking target for the next person(s) to be in a heep of trouble. 

Sarah, Mr. Trinozka, and Edwin are trying to find a certain object for Baba Yaga in exchange for getting rid of the curse that is killing Charlotte on the inside. It is only a matter of time before time runs out. 

Valek, is now in the control of the Parlament. He is placed with a ton of responsibility that could either be a blessing or a curse on him latter on. Why are the Elders wanting Charlotte to come to Abelim? What is it about Charlotte that everyone wants her either dead or alive? 

Nikolai a normal human being, or so we think, is given a huge blow to the head when he discovered who he truly is in 'Vampire's Reflection'. Will he accept or deny his true fate? Will he be there for Charlotte and Valek or betray them? Also, is there a new form of friendship going on with him and Charlotte while Valek is away? Is Charlotte going to fall for him or stay with Valek? 

But the biggest person that everyone should learn to have a thorn in their side is; Aiden. What the heck happened to him when he attacked Charlotte? Did he live or die? Is he going to go after Charlotte while she is so vulnerable and no Valek there to protect her? What are his full plans on trying to regain the Regime since it has been left to rot to the ground after his demise in 'Vampire's Daughter'? 

All in all this book is the most intense one I have read so far and with the up-coming books all I can see in the futre of the main characters is one word: revenge. This is such an amazing book and I encourage you all to read this when it comes out on October 28th! This is very well detailed and the story is getting more and more intense! 5 of 5 stars!"

We of the Occult are THRILLED to have such an amazing review from this reader! We hope that many more of you can send your reviews to Shayne so she can send them to us! 

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