Monday, April 20, 2015

Most Exciting News From the Parlament

Hello our dear mortal friends! 

We apologize for not staying up to date on the most recent events going on in our little world. Aiden is among us and it is very hard to trust any one that we once knew and cared for. I am writing this in secret for fear that anyone who once called them my 'friends' would turn me into him. 

War is near my mortal ones. Be careful. But I am not going to let that stop me from telling you all the most exciting news that I Francis discovered. Shayne Leighton is going to be traveling very soon for the 'Rock it Like a Red Head' tour. She and her husband Frank are going to be traveling to five cities in America and if you wish to meet them you must attend to the events. 

For those who know little of us and how Shayne brought our little world to life you must read her books about us. If it wasn't for her, we would've never had our magical world come into your lives. You can order the book series 'Of Light and Darkness' on and so far three books have been published. 

Okay so now with the 'Rock it Like a Red Head' tour you can see which cities Shayne will be going to here. One city that I do know is Seattle, Washington. A source confirmed to me that this is one location which Shayne and Frank will be at. The source did not say much more for he/she knows very well our lives and they did not want to get involved with the war quite yet. 

They will reveal themselves when I gather information and data on where exactly Shayne and Frank will stop and stay for a bit, but no such information has come to me as of late. All that I was promised was something worth my time of being patience and not digging around. So, once I have all the data, it will be coming to me once it comes (when ever that is). 

I must run for now my dear mortal friends. The Parlament is seeking for something I carry on me and I must find a way to not let them have it. 

Til then my friends. 


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